15 March 2024 (02:39)

New Blank Runes Option

A small update went live during the night, there are some fixes and additions but the one that I think will interest players the most is that Alexander in Edron now sells "Blank Rune Tokens", each of these will produce an entire backpack of blank runes on use.
12 March 2024 (18:56)

Small Update

A small update has been introduced to bring some of the features from Hela to Loka.
This requires a NEW CLIENT which you can find in the downloads section.
13 February 2024 (19:38)

Loot Bonanza!

Loot has been increased by up to 50% depending on item/monster.
09 February 2024 (17:36)

SD Boonanza!

For this weekend we'll have a happy special event, the mana needed to summon SDs will require only half the usual resources, and the likelihood of discovering SD runes within Magical Shards will see a significant boost.
28 July 2023 (01:57)

Multi Client - Rule Exception on Loka

In Odenia Online, players are normally strictly limited to having two characters online at the same time.

However, due to the low population on Loka we have decided to let the players have free roam.
This only applies to Loka however, on Hela you are still only allowed two characters

Use your own judgement, try to share the runes you make among each other and have a great time on Odenia.
27 July 2023 (21:53)

Loka Migration

Today we've had some maintenance downtime while Loka has been migrated to its own machine. The migration took some time, but has been successful otherwise. 

There will be a splash page coming soon, if you want to go straight to Loka you can use the link Loka.odenia.online
24 July 2023 (19:43)

New World - Hela

Odenia is happy to announce the launch of our second server Hela, this server will be a seasonal server with higher rates. It will have a definitive end to it and is planned to revive multiple times throughout this year and the following. 

So make the most out of your adventure in each season.

Hela Rates
Level 1 to level 10: 10x
Level 11 to level 20: 15x
Level 21 to level 30: 12x
Level 31 to level 40: 10x
Level 41 to level 60: 8x
Level 61 to level 80: 6x​
Level 81 to level 100: 4x
Level 101 to level 110: 3x
Level 111+: 2x

Skills, Loot and Magic Level are all now using custom Odenia Systems and don't have conventional multipliers.

Skills and Magic Level both uses a system that's optimized to make the skills and magic level follow more organically as the character levels so that your character have more appropriate skills for the level you're at.

Our Loot System has also been restructured, monsters drop more minor valuables like pearls and gems as well as other valuables like the vampires Emerald Bangle or the mummys Silver Brooch, now having actual value and being sellable for a reasonable amount.

NPCs also pay more for the loot you sell them, for those wishing to loot bag. However in return, typically rare items like fancy armors are retaining most of their rarity, to make sure that it remains exciting to loot a Dragon Scale Mail or Mastermind Shield

Hela will go live on August 4th at 18:00 CEST
27 May 2023 (17:41)

Departure of Loki

Hi everyone,

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of GM Loki's departure from his position as a gamemaster within Odenia. Due to personal reasons and time constraints, Loki has made the difficult decision to step down. However, we want to express our deep appreciation for Loki's service and the valuable time he dedicated to Odenia.

In recognition of Loki's contributions, we are pleased to offer him the opportunity to transition into the role of tutor, should he wish to continue supporting Odenia in this capacity. We believe that Loki's expertise and experience would be invaluable in guiding and assisting others within our community.

To Loki, we extend our heartfelt wishes for success in his studies and future endeavors. We sincerely thank him for his dedication and the positive impact he has had on Odenia. Should he choose to accept the position of tutor, we are confident that his continued involvement will greatly benefit our community.

Please join us in wishing Loki the best of luck in all his future endeavors, and let us express our gratitude for his invaluable contributions to Odenia.

Warm regards,

GM Freyr & GM Hel
26 May 2023 (02:01)

Chor & Spawn Changes

Chor has been re-added as a base template. The area will be restructured and changed over the coming week, but this will give everyone a chance to test out some of the new lizards. They are considerably stronger than the original.

New areas have also been added around Plains of Havoc, and changes have been introduced around Kazordoon.

25 May 2023 (17:02)

Boss & Raid Changes

Hi Odenia,

In the past few days, there has been a significant revamp of bosses and raids. Bosses now yield up to 20x more experience.

Raids will occur significantly more often, and there are a quite a few new raids that have been added with more to be added in the coming days. Raid monsters also have a chance of dropping items they normally don't drop, such as runes, rares and other valuables.

A lot of previously silent raids, such as Demodras and The Old Widow, have had announcements added.
15 May 2023 (03:57)

Djinn Prices Revisited

Acquiring rare items should always be an exhilarating experience. Odenia has recently made significant changes to our loot system, resulting in a notable increase in the rarity of these coveted items. However, as our servers age, the availability of certain items naturally increases, leading to a decrease in their market value. This is a classic case of supply versus demand.

At Odenia, our aim is to provide an authentic gaming experience that encompasses all aspects of the game, without necessitating excessive time or monetary investments. This means incentivising the need for quests like the Djinns and Postman quest that players otherwise frequently skip. We also strive to ensure that team hunting and solo hunting for rare items remain viable options throughout the game, not just at the beginning of a server. To accomplish this, we have taken the second step in our loot revision by enhancing the value of items when sold to Green Djinn, Blue Djinn, or Ashtar.

We have increased the selling prices of items that were already quite profitable by approximately 50%. Additionally, items that previously had negligible value, sometimes not even covering the cost of travelling, have undergone a complete price overhaul (specifically referring to items previously valued at 50-100gp). Moreover, numerous items that were previously unsellable have now become marketable.

These changes are already in effect within the game, ensuring that looting rare items remains an exciting endeavor for players.
12 May 2023 (08:31)

Monster Overhaul

Sorry it took some time to "finish" but finally the monsters are getting a complete overhaul this next server save. The loot has been adjusted to keep rares more rare, but make other items significantly more valuable. Even if Odenia is "Highrate" our goal is to enable all elements of the game, which includes looting gold, small items and even making lootbags.

This has been achieved by warping the loot table ratios between items, as well as raising what these items are sold for at NPCs. For example, a Dwarf Guard is going to drop proportionally more Steel Helmets and Double Axes, to increase the value of a lootbag to roughly 4x the value it would be on a standard 1x. However, a Demon dropping a Giant Sword or Magic Plate Armor will still be rare and the highlight of a hunt. Giving rare items more value.

We're low balling it a bit initially, so I will rely on you players to give me your feedback on how to improve the loot for a better feeling.

As always, the goal is to make Odenia feel completely authentic. Without having to spend an absurd amount of time to achieve your dreams. And I hope this first iteration of the monster overhaul will bring us one step closer to that goal.
11 May 2023 (20:35)

War on Odenia

With the first War concluded on Loka, here's a video from it made by player Thidranki.
06 May 2023 (00:09)



Recently we've entered a period of rune scarcity due to the lower amount of players in the past week. This coupled with the fact that most players get their experience in Tombs which requires a high amount of GFB runes, more runes than the current "Runemaker Population" of the server can sustain. We are looking into a way of increasing rune availability but organically rather than just pushing runes into shops.

Meanwhile Odenia has decided to try to increase the viability of other spawns, to make them more lucrative both in terms of experience but also economy. This patch will mainly focus towards the higher levels, but some of these monsters will surely be attractive towards lower levels as well. The changes will go live at our next Server Save at 01:00 CEST.

Dragons, Giant Spiders, Cyclops, Dwarf Guards, Orc Berserkers, Orc Leaders & Scarabs have increased loot & experience.
27 April 2023 (00:37)

New Rates & Compensation

Hi everyone

We've had an unfortunate few weeks behind us, but we're looking hopefully towards the future.
In light of recent events and the past few weeks on the server, we've raised the rates on the server today to make Odenia more truly high rate like intended and to mitigate the sense of loss in case of a crash and subsequent rollback.

We are also going to employ three Server Saves per day at 09:00 CEST, 16:00 CEST and 01:00 CEST. Out of these, 16:00 CEST likely to have a map clean on most days. Though it can also occur before the other ones, but will be announced ingame if that's to happen.

Furthermore, with the hightened rates and with the rollbacks in mind, everyone from level 60 and above can message GM Freyr ingame for an adjustment and compensation.

The compensation is voluntary and each persons responsibility to claim. It's only once per person as well. 

This compensation will be available until 01:00 CEST on the 28th of April.
24 April 2023 (05:28)

Server Migration

We're thrilled to announce that Odenia is finally back up and running after a grueling 10-hour long battle in lack of a better word. 

It's been an extremely challenging week, with persistent issues plaguing our system.
Matters escalated when the machine responsible for our cloud-based hosting service broke down completely, resulting in severe hardware failure and locking all our data, including the database, accounts, characters, map, and other files.

Although our hosting provider attempted to fix the problem, our server remained inoperative and inaccesssible. Therefore, we were forced to acquire a new dedicated machine. Despite the challenges, we made the decision to commit to a 12-month contract, confident in our analysis that the server would be entirely stable on the new machine. We're dedicated to ensuring optimal performance for our users and committed to perfecting Odenia for the long-term.

We firmly believe that the issues we've faced recently were attributable to the extremely unstable condition of the previous machine. With the new, powerful dedicated machine, we're confident that we'll deliver an exceptional experience that will keep our users engaged and satisfied. 
Despite all of these hiccups, our determination and dedication to Odenia is stronger than ever before, thanks to the support and encouragement we received from you during these struggles.

We would finally like to express our sincere appreciation to Michael, who was instrumental in assisting us during the entire Safe Mode data recovery operation as well as with the setup of the new machine. 

To login you will need to download a New Client.

WASD is available on Discord 
23 April 2023 (13:06)

Recent Challenges

Hi Odenia,

We hope you're doing well. We wanted to update you on the recent challenges Odenia has been facing. Over the past week, we've experienced multiple system crashes and rollbacks. Just when we thought we had resolved those issues, we encountered targeted attacks from a competitor coupled with hardware failures at our hosting company, which limited our ability to deal with these.

As of now, our hosting provider estimates that they will have the hardware issue fixed within the hour. Once this is resolved, we are confident that Odenia will enter a period of stability and improved performance.

We understand that this situation is not ideal, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these issues. Our team is committed to ensuring Odenia's success and providing you with a seamless user experience, we are almost there.

Thank you for your continued support.
22 April 2023 (17:55)

Stability update

Dear players,

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you an update on recent events.

After thorough investigation, we have identified a major issue that we believe to be the root cause of the recent crashes.

Our team has worked tirelessly to implement a patch with improvements that aim to provide a better gaming experience with reduced input lag and, hopefully, no more crashes.

While it is still early days, we remain optimistic about the outcome of our efforts.

We are committed to delivering the best possible 7.4 experience for our community and will continue to work towards this goal.

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience as we work to resolve this issue.



19 April 2023 (23:39)

Recent Crashes & House System

Dear players,

We regret to inform you that our server has been experiencing occasional crashes recently. As a result, some players have reported losing items or experiencing duplication glitches during these incidents. While we are actively seeking a permanent solution to the problem, we have made the decision to temporarily disable the house system in order to prevent any further issues with item loss or duplication.

Effective from the next server save, the item storage limit for each depot will be increased by a factor of five, from the standard 2000 to 10000. This means that each character will be able to store up to a total of 70000 items across all cities' depots. We understand that the house system is a highly valued feature, and we assure you that when it is re-enabled, all house owners will have their houses restored.

In addition, we would like to inform you that all items currently stored in houses will be transferred to the owner's depot in the same city as the house. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a smooth transition once the house system is re-enabled.
We would also like to take this opportunity to remind players to exercise caution when pushing supplies into spawns. Aside from the risk of house data corruption and rollbacks, we have also experienced issues with the live map becoming corrupt. This can result in the loss of any items left on the floor during potential crashes. However, we are pleased to report that our character saving system has functioned as intended, and in the event of a crash, players should only experience minimal rollbacks.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to improve the server. We remain committed to providing you with the best possible gaming experience, and we are confident that Odenia will continue to thrive as we continue to develop it.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Odenia Team
14 April 2023 (19:03)

Hello Odenia!

We've had two wonderful weeks, despite some hiccups here and there. One issue that's continued to plague Odenia has been Client issues. False Flags, Debugs, Wonky Features, you name it.
For the past two weeks, I've come to the realization that fixing the client, as it was envisioned, won't be a quick project. There are too many factors, too many different computers and too many variables to account for.

Therefore, my way of moving forward is to divide Odenia into three client paths. The first path being an incredibly bare client, that should have perfect stability and feature the main mechanics of Odenia. 
This client should be perfectly free from debugs (Except for the 10+ people on a stack debug, that debug is Cipsoft native). It would apart from some Anti-Cheat features, be fairly indistinguishable from a standard 7.72 client.

The second path would be a small divergence from the client above, it would have some smaller features such as Multi-Client, the fancy 7.4 look and an upgraded library for better compatibility with new computer hardware and shouldn't crash. (I've never managed to reproduce a crash on it, however some people claim they have crashed.)

And the third path would be the "Odenia Special", our full client featuring all of the above, as well as a built-in cam system. WASD walking and so on. This client is known to debug, for some less often or not at all, but for some very often. 

The downside is that these two other clients would be available as EXPERIMENTAL Clients, any debugs you experience and potential deaths would be on your own head. You won't receive any compensation if you choose to use these and potentially face debugs.